Pilates & You!

What Can Pilates Offer You?

  • Pilates Mat exercises are performed using the influence of gravity as a natural resistance to strengthen and tone the body in an all over workout.
  • Pilates exercises engage smaller more intrinsic muscles around the joints to stabilize which gives better control of spinal joints during movement of the spine, pelvis and hip regions.
  • Most people know Pilates as strengthening the ‘core’. The core includes not just the deep abdominal muscles but also deep spinal stabalisers and our diaphragm.
  • The Pilates breathing technique is directly linked to engaging your ‘core’ and improves stamina, increases your energy levels and assists in reducing stress.
  • Gaining ‘core’ strength and stabilizing joints reduces strain on limbs and reduces potential for injury.
  • Pilates is used by athletes to reduce the risk of injury.
  • Improving flexibility and maintaining length of muscles is another injury prevention eg. Hamstrings, Plantar Fascitis.
  • ‘Core’ strength aids in balance, agility and better posture.
  • Increasing mobility around the joints to gain a greater range of movement.
  • Joseph Pilates designed these exercises to train the body to perform more efficient movement patterns to bring better body awareness for posture and everyday functional activities so you can benefit during your own individual daily schedule.