The Joy of Movement

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At All Classes you will find a Community Spirit, with an environment designed to give you a Safe Space to find your Own Learning Pace, your Strengths and your Individual Challenges with Gentle Encouragement from Leanne 



Benefits For You

Reduce Stress 

Increase Bone Density

Core Stability 

Improved Balance 

Enhance Sports Performance

Joint Integrity

Help Reduce Back, Hip, Neck Pain 

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What Can Pilates Offer YOU?

Strengthen Both Your Mind and Body with a regular Pilates Practice. This method used gravity as your natural resistance to build overall strength without the ‘bulky’ muscles. All Pilates exercises ‘lenghthen’ and ‘strengthen’ your muscles so they are Long and Strong.

Joseph Pilates designed these exercises to train the body to perform more efficient movement patterns to bring better body awareness for posture and everyday functional activities so you can benefit during your own individual daily schedule.

What Customers Are Saying!

Starting Pilates was a great decision! Physically I noticed an improvement in my flexibility and strength in only 4 sessions, and it relaxes my mind. Leanne is fabulous; her warm and engaging manner is totally accepting of everyone, and she seamlessly individualises the exercises to each person’s ability, even in group sessions.

- Tracey

16 Sept 2016

I have been attending Pilates classes with Leanne for more than two years. Classes vary week to week with all ability levels covered. Leanne is very knowledgeable, positive and encouraging, giving helpful feedback throughout the class. I have tried many other forms of exercise but, for me, Pilates is the perfect balance of strength & flexibility for both body & mind. 

- Barbara


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