Beginners Class 

If you are an absolute Beginner and/or new to Pilates it is recommended this class is recommended. In this class you will learn the foundation of the Pilates Breathing and Core Activation and we do not expect you to learn it all in just one or two classes. Just like learning a new language you will learn at your own pace. Although the benefits will be almost immediate. Check out how you sleep after this evening class, we finish each class with a few minutes of Relaxation.

Mixed Ability

A class for both Beginners and Intermediate participants with both options for either level offered. An opportunity to build on from a Beginners class and/or revisit the vital Fundamentals of the Pilates Method.


Intermediate Class

A more challenging level for individuals with a regular weekly practice (preferably at least twice a week) that have a desire to challenge themselves more physically by building strength, flexibility and co-ordination. Small props are often used like the magic circle, foam roller, chiball and weights.


 Private Class for an Individual or Duo

Highly recommended as an INTRODUCTION to the Pilates Method of Breathing and Core Activation. Learning the Pilates fundamentals is vital for good technique for safe practice. Also providing a platform to transition into Group Mat Classes. AVAILABLE ONLY BY APPOINTMENT.